The Replacements

Who are they, where do they come from, how do you send them back????

As much as I have enjoyed my children over the years, watching them blossom into these strange creatures called teens has been, well… quite the ride and a fun one at that. I was told many many years ago, that because my children had Autism, they would never ever be able to show me love, express themselves or show emotion. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the medical science and put my faith and trust in the Lord for if I hadn’t I’d most likely be like the countless other parents out there with a special needs child… miserable, unhappy, sad, depressed and angry at the world as they struggle to understand why?

Me, I’ve never asked why, I just went with the punches. When they started to spin, I started to spin, when they started to squeal, I started to squeal, when they started to flap... Well, Ok I started to laugh, but it worked for us. We made it and we are here today still rising above what was expected. Sure we have our days and will continue to have our days, but If the Lord is on our side, those days simply don’t measure up to the blessing.

So I can’t help but wonder, after it’s all said and done, where my babies have gone? Just yesterday they were leaning on me for everything and today, they are putting me in check about my inconsistencies. A strange new world I live in with these replacements. It’s no longer mom, can or may I, it’s I’m going to. It’s no more, ok mom, sure, it’s YEAH, maybe and I guess if I’m to be perfectly honest, I kinda like em but I dare not tell them that, or they will get the upper hand.