They choose their weapons wisely

So I heard Elijah and Tiara in the living room, where I left each of them to start on their chores, cracking up. The laughter was so intense, I couldn't help myself from giggling and it peeked my interest. So of course I just had to get up from my work to see what hoo ha was all about. So delighted with the prospects of getting a good LOL in, I walked into the living room, then immediately did an about face and came right back to my office trying to make sense of what I just seen.

Yesterday, I went shopping for cleaning supplies. I bought all of my goodies ( trust me they become goodies when your a stay at home, work from home mother ,lol) home and neatly tucked them away in their proper places. I also found for the first time, large industrial size bottles of Febrez, I was thrilled, I mean doesn't need an INDUSTRIAL SIZE of this stuff , right? So I did the only right thing, I bought two because two of everything is important. I mean even putting my obviously ocd aside,  Seaseme Street is bound to set you straight.... 
One would think that having that much Febrez, you'd keep it around for a while, except when it comes to my household and my children. You see I no longer have either bottle of my special industrial size of extra strength febrez, because for some unknown( to me) reason, my children decided to take the bottles of febrez and have a febrez fight. When I walked int he room, they actually  pointing it at one another and spraying away, which had them both in hysterics.  So I did what any mother who is striving to remain sane did. I walked out and ignored it.

It's been a few hours now and I have a wonderful justified reason for allowing it to all go down. My home and two out of three children still smells wonder!