No Payday Loans

This morning I woke up with a urgency to walk my floors and Praise the Lord. For the first time in a very long time, we are going without. Without alot, yet I know it's only temporary but making my mind get in line with my heart has required me to get up and worship the Lord, even in my Valley's. Despite, not having much in the pantry, in the gas tank, I had to remember, that i have my health and had the means to pay for my surgery,I have my children, our home, and our joy. So it's ok that we don't have much else... we need to diet anyways. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In the valley's there should still be praise. I had to come around to lifting the Lords name on high this morning and loudly, so that I could breakthrough the ceiling and made sure my praises got to the Lord, not my wants, desires or needs but my praises...If I'm to trust the Lord in all that I do, than giving him Praise is far more appropriate for knowing whats going to come about instead of walking in daily fear of the unknown. In my praise my peace come and I'm surely going to enjoy the rest of my day as it was meant to be enjoyed.

On the suggestion of everyone around me i needed to run out and obtain a payday loan right away. Theses are all individuals who know God as Jehova- Jireh, our provider but are showing no faith in Him as being so by giving me this advice. The Lord is Jehova - Nissh, my banner, he will keep us covered until he rains and storms stop. I don't know about you, but personally, I love a good storm because I know that afterward, everything will be green and grow. I'm ready for my growth. I'm right now only being fertilized.( smile).

Have a Blessed and wonderful day,
Anna Marie